Crabby truths and myths


Summer has arrived in Europe, and during your vacations at the beach, your kids will probably chase crabs that will do their best to avoid being caught. A hilarious short film about “ugly square crabs in the murky waters” of the Gironde estuary, found by chance on the Internet, triggered our curiosity to learn more about these crustaceans that nobody seems to like. A story worth its weight in … shells and claws.

Chañaral‘s agonising last breath

Ecology, Economy

For the past 80 years, a new kind of beach is appearing in the north-western part of Chile. The blinding white stretches of sand that are so picturesque to the tourists visiting one of Chilean’s biodiversity hotspot are the local community’s curse: they hold levels of heavy metal that threaten the entire region. Read how the copper industry is slowly and silently killing Chañaral.