Drifting fortunes in the Caribbean

Culture, Geopolitics

One of the most unspoilt islands in the Caribbean is a paradise shared by honeymooners, scuba divers and… drug traffickers. Discover how cocaine has dramatically changed the lives of the communities living in the most busy drug corridor in the world, where international super-powers fight ingenious narco cartels.

Hell in the Chagos heaven

Ecology, Economy, Geopolitics5 chapters

The Chagos archipelago. A name that sounds like the perfect place to spend the holidays. However, aside from the US army and a couple of privileged ones, the area is strictly forbidden. In one of the world well kept secrets, Great-Britain and the United States have conducted a large scale state scandal : 40 years ago, a small population of 2’000 people were simply forced to exile from their native land. To this day, they are still forbidden to return.

The secret side of piracy

Economy, Geopolitics2 chapters

In the last 10 years, piracy has made a come back. From Somalia and Nigeria to the Caribbean and far-flung Asian archipelagos men are capitalising on weak leadership of the State to seize commercial ships and private yachts for ransom. We decided to investigate the reasons for this resurgence and discovered a world and practices that are witnessed by the ocean alone.

Sea, traffic and drugs

Economy, Geopolitics

Saturday 13th April 2013, the tension is increasing. For several hours now, the group of French policemen aboard an unmarked vehicle have been discretely following a minivan on the freeway.