Forbidden ocean in Réunion Island

Culture, Ecology, Economy8 chapters

Until 2011, Réunion Island was a small marine paradise. Since then, this French department is locked into a dramatic nightmare: sharks are killing surfers and swimmers along the beaches of the West Coast. This unprecedented situation sparked tensions and controversy between nature conservationists, scientists, surfers, fishermen and beach goers. OCEAN71 investigated on an island in a constant state of aquatic emergency.

3D dive over an amphorae field


They seem to have been lying in the exact same position for centuries, outlining the burial ground of an antique ship that sunk a long time ago in front of the Niolon cove, next to Marseille, in the South of France. Yet, these amphorae that interest the crew of the Octopus Foundation have been artificially laid on the seafloor in 2010.

Investigation on mythical Ithaca

Culture6 chapters

Where was located Ithaca, Odysseus’ legendary island ? The epic story written by Homer is one of the basis for modern Western culture. Unbelievably, the island was never to be found. If modern Ithaca seems to be the best option to locate Odysseus’ palace, some have entirely different theories. The crew of OCEAN71 Magazine led a sailing expedition in order to investigate one of the greatest mysteries in history. An enigma that has puzzled historians for more than 2000 years.