GoPro Giveaway


To celebrate the start of the year 2014, OCEAN71 Magazine’s crew decided to launch a giveaway so that a few lucky souls will win parts of our equipment.

The many-sided Portuguese coastline

Ecology, Economy

October is a transition month in the little coastal town of Peniche, north of Lisbon. Warm sunny days give way to autumn. The north Atlantic depressions start producing cloud cover, strong winds, temperature drop and, most importantly, large swells that surfers from all over the world come hunting for. But surprises await those who look a little further and ask questions.

Gibraltar – The Rock of discord


Anything and everything has already been written about Gibraltar, to say the least. At first glance, this independent territory of hardly 7km2 seems rather peaceful. But historical events coupled with recent incidents threaten the serenity of this popular tourist destination, and strategic UK military base.