During our last expedition aboard our sailing boat, we navigated the waters of Montenegro. It is there that we discovered a unique place in the Mediterranean: the Bay of Kotor.


Stretching for 90 square kilometres, this true natural fjord is at the border between Croatia and Montenegro. The series of sea basins surrounded by mountains is one of the country’s treasures.


At the heart of this natural wonder is being constructed what could become one of the largest superyachts marinas in the world: Porto Montenegro.

The main superyacht dock in Porto Montenegro © Philippe Henry / OCEAN71 Magazine

Imagined less than 10 years ago by the Canadian Peter Munk, founder of the world’s largest gold mining corporation, this atypical port raises an important question: is it still possible, in this day and age, to create a mythical port such as Saint-Tropez or Portofino ?


Our investigation, soon to be published in OCEAN 71 Magazine, will bring surprising answers on the achievability as well as the integration of such a project in this country that is Montenegro. A luxurious marina creates employment, tourism, publicity… but not only. A life-size poker game has begun.


In the meantime, we invite you to have a look at the aerial footage that we realised during our last expedition.

Nota : we would like to thank our drone technical team, FPV4Ever with Fabien, Christophe, Pierre and Harmony.