Chañaral‘s agonising last breath

Ecology, Economy

For the past 80 years, a new kind of beach is appearing in the north-western part of Chile. The blinding white stretches of sand that are so picturesque to the tourists visiting one of Chilean’s biodiversity hotspot are the local community’s curse: they hold levels of heavy metal that threaten the entire region. Read how the copper industry is slowly and silently killing Chañaral.

The end of the Great Barrier Reef ?

Ecology, Economy3 chapters

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is known as one of Earth’s greatest natural wonders. Despite its size, its very existence is threatened by environmental, touristic, industrial and commercial aggressions. Will we allow its beauty to become a mere memory ? OCEAN71 Magazine investigates.

The secret side of piracy

Economy, Geopolitics2 chapters

In the last 10 years, piracy has made a come back. From Somalia and Nigeria to the Caribbean and far-flung Asian archipelagos men are capitalising on weak leadership of the State to seize commercial ships and private yachts for ransom. We decided to investigate the reasons for this resurgence and discovered a world and practices that are witnessed by the ocean alone.