What if the ocean was the key to climate change ?


With heat waves, polar vortexes, larger than usual swells and more cyclones than we could count, 2015 is pushing the limits of what we thought was possible. Is it all our fault? Are we finally getting what we deserve for all these decades of careless industrial expansion? Nature is clearly sending a message, while the world’s leaders are meeting in Paris to talk about the climate. Our seas and oceans may be more important than they think.

The American Samoa enigma

Ecology4 chapters

It is now a known fact that corals are threatened by global warming. Some scientists are even predicting the end of coral life by 2050. Meanwhile, there is still a mystery to solve : how some corals in American Samoa have resisted centuries of climate change to become giants and how others are thriving in waters so warm that it is considered deadly ?

Hell in the Chagos heaven

Ecology, Economy, Geopolitics5 chapters

The Chagos archipelago. A name that sounds like the perfect place to spend the holidays. However, aside from the US army and a couple of privileged ones, the area is strictly forbidden. In one of the world well kept secrets, Great-Britain and the United States have conducted a large scale state scandal : 40 years ago, a small population of 2’000 people were simply forced to exile from their native land. To this day, they are still forbidden to return.

Winds of Change

Ecology, Economy, Sailing3 chapters

Over the past few years, a number of traditional sailing boats have returned to their initial vocation, which was transportation of goods. Expectations are high when it comes to greener solutions, especially in the cargo industry that is notorious for its thirst for fossil fuel. OCEAN71 Magazine investigates the truths behind this well marketed business.