Famous French bluefin tuna fisherman finally talks


In the world of commercial fishing, Généreux Avallone, descendant of one of the greatest families families of tuna fishermen of the Mediterranean, is considered —even by his detractors, as one of the best and most gifted bluefin tuna fisherman of the Mediterranean. He is the captain of the Jean Marie Christian VI which clashed with Greenpeace Friday morning south-west of Malta. For the first time, he talks about the current situation between fishermen and NGOs. The interview was done in Malta on June 2, 2010 at 11h00 on board the Jean Marie Christian VI.

Mistakes and misinformation


The Bluefin tuna story still reveals surprises. The OCEAN71 Magazine’s team, which investigates in high sea just caught an AFP journalist lying about the true situation, here in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. While the fishermen and the NGO are stuck in Maltese harbours, waiting for a storm to end, the journalist describes them at sea fighting for the Bluefin tuna…

Fear over Arcachon Bay

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Every summer, the oysters’ consumption in Arcachon bay is threatened by the presence of a micro-seaweed, revealed by biological and chemical tests. The oyster farmers accuse theses analysis of not being entirely accurate. The real reason would be a much more dangerous pollution situation, mostly linked to human activities.