Julien Pfyffer

Julien Pfyffer is a Swiss-French journalist. He learnt investigative journalism at Boston University. He worked for magazines including Time, Paris Match or Le Figaro Magazine. His passion for sailing and the sea dates back 20 years ago. In… Continue reading

Philippe Henry

Philippe Henry is a young photographer who started to work for the French newspaper, Le Figaro. After a couple of years in the streets of Paris, he decided to leave the photo camera for a while and… Continue reading

Sébastien Rousseau

Sébastien Rousseau is the navigation specialist of the OCEAN71 Magazine team. He is living in the South of France, near the city of Béziers. Most of the year, he is working on sailing and motor… Continue reading

Lorraine Laviale

Lorraine Laviale is among the core team of OCEAN71 Magazine. She is passionate about making the best out of every OCEAN71 Magazine picture. She is the expert regarding the selection, the correction and the archives.… Continue reading

Carole Seret

Carole Seret has been contributing to several OCEAN71 Magazine missions as a translator. Her energy, good mood and her ability to speak to anyone has allowed us to meet an important number of contacts.

Denis Lochu

Denis Lochu is a professional skipper and sailor. He has been working the past couple of years for the French commercial navy. He has been contributing to various OCEAN71 Magazine missions, including our investigation in… Continue reading

Guillaume Plisson

Guillaume Plisson is a talented French photographer, specialized into sea, yachts and regattas. Working with his father, Philippe Plisson (website), he learnt quickly how to anticipate the magic of the sea, unabling him to capture… Continue reading

Laëtitia Maltese

Laëtitia Maltese is one of the contributors of OCEAN71 Magazine. Laëtitia is among those people who love learning skills and use them. She has been working as an oceanographer (French CNRS and IFREMER), as a… Continue reading

Andy Guinand

Andy is first of all an experienced surfer and an ocean lover. His passion for the ocean and a will to understand how everything is connected to each other pushed him to join the OCEAN71… Continue reading