Sandy Island goes missing


On paper Sandy Island is approximately 26.5km long and around 6km wide. This sliver of sand is supposedly located between Australia and France’s New Caledonia in the midst of the vast Pacific Ocean. Sound idyllic? Many would agree. Only trouble is that this tiny slice of Pacific paradise at 19°11’22.8” South and 159°56’43” East on the chart is no where to be seen. Sandy Island does not exist.

Famous French bluefin tuna fisherman finally talks


In the world of commercial fishing, Généreux Avallone, descendant of one of the greatest families families of tuna fishermen of the Mediterranean, is considered —even by his detractors, as one of the best and most gifted bluefin tuna fisherman of the Mediterranean. He is the captain of the Jean Marie Christian VI which clashed with Greenpeace Friday morning south-west of Malta. For the first time, he talks about the current situation between fishermen and NGOs. The interview was done in Malta on June 2, 2010 at 11h00 on board the Jean Marie Christian VI.