What can we learn from the “shark crisis” in Réunion Island?


During the summer of 2016, OCEAN71 Magazine published an extensive investigation on the shark attacks in Réunion Island. All along this dossier written by our journalist Andy Guinand, the ingredients of what distinguishes a common story from a great story can be found.

3D dive over an amphorae field


They seem to have been lying in the exact same position for centuries, outlining the burial ground of an antique ship that sunk a long time ago in front of the Niolon cove, next to Marseille, in the South of France. Yet, these amphorae that interest the crew of the Octopus Foundation have been artificially laid on the seafloor in 2010.

What if the ocean was the key to climate change ?


With heat waves, polar vortexes, larger than usual swells and more cyclones than we could count, 2015 is pushing the limits of what we thought was possible. Is it all our fault? Are we finally getting what we deserve for all these decades of careless industrial expansion? Nature is clearly sending a message, while the world’s leaders are meeting in Paris to talk about the climate. Our seas and oceans may be more important than they think.