The Great Barrier Reef under attack

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The news spread like wildfire on the internet. For the first time, 150 Australian scientists united their voice to express their deepest concern. This written cry for help was addressed to the government of Queensland who is risking the future of the Great Barrier Reef for economic reasons.

The Antarctic krill new predators

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The Antarctic krill is the largest biomass on earth. For most of the animals living on the white continent, krill is a key prey item. But for the past five years, new hunters have appeared. A dozen of factory fishing vessels travel to the far side of the planet to quietly capture what could become one day a gold mine.

Great seahorse comeback in France


Current, water temperature and limited visibility are a few of the factors that discourage scuba divers to explore the Arcachon Bay. However, not far from the oyster beds, lives the largest population of seahorses in France ; Some measure up to 15 centimetres long.


The seahorse’s secret

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Oysters, the Arguin sandbank, the tides, many tourists visit the Arcachon bay ignoring that this unique biological maritime space hosts one of the most mysterious creatures of the sea : the seahorse. Almost extinct a decade ago, the bay is pride to have today the highest concentration of seahorses in France.